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Investment Philosophy

Company strategy is constantly evolving as markets and environments change. Without a clear corporate vision, and excellent leadership to realise that vision, it’s almost impossible to generate long-term value. Our analysts spend time with the leadership team and also attend key shareholder meetings.


Corporate culture is essential to the long-term success of a business. We look for ambitious companies that do the right thing by their employees, customers and shareholders, fostering solid teamwork throughout the company.

Looking After Customers

All businesses have a duty to act in the best interests of their customers. We believe that those who put their customers first are likely to deliver better longer-term results. This means creating quality products and services, while being transparent, having sound business practices and looking after their customers’ information securely.

People & Diversity

Successful companies don’t limit themselves in the way they recruit and develop their people. We pay particular attention to how diverse and inclusive the working environment is, their approach to training and development, and to fair remuneration.

Delivering for shareholders

Profit, and the creation of value for shareholders, is an outcome of delivering effectively for all other stakeholders – whether that’s customers, employees or suppliers.

Focus on sophisticated simplicity

We are demanding in terms of our performance, track record, and client satisfaction. We aim to make our work processes as simple and effective as possible which means clear communication and efficient decision-making structures. This is how we are able to develop our full performance potential.