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Our economic infrastructure investment philosophy centres on our belief that infrastructure is a long-term asset class capable of delivering attractive, consistent returns to investors. Our approach is focused on:

  • Developing a long-term fund structure which is aligned with investors' objectives.
  • Creating a portfolio of mid-market core/core+ infrastructure investments.
  • Recognising the importance of effective asset management and stakeholder engagement.
  • Clearly defining what constitutes core infrastructure within our target return range.

We have 11 investment professionals dedicated to our core/core+ strategy across investment offices. The team is supported by the marketing, legal, finance and operational functions of Buxine Assets.


Our investor base spans both public and corporate pension funds, insurance companies and family offices across the world.


We seek to build a diversified portfolio of core/core+ infrastructure assets across utilities, transport and energy infrastructure all round the Globe.


We invest in operational assets with limited or no construction risk. We target infrastructure investments in Europe which are typically yielding from day one

We are attracted to the following investment characteristics:

  • Lower to mid-market assets in less competitive areas of the market.
  • Assets which provide essential services and have predictable cashflows.
  • Regulated assets or assets with a strong, contractual framework.
  • Lower risk assets that require limited operational development.
  • Majority stakes or minority interests where we have appropriate governance rights.