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About Sterlingbloomberg

Sterlingbloomberg is a fully certified investment management company licensed in the London that offers investors around the globe reliable investment schedules with a minimum start-up capital as low as $50. Our indefinitely scalable investment platform is solving one of the most limiting and long-due issues in the current investment market without any compromise. Sterlingbloomberg offers you a very unique business plan for your present and future financial needs .

Our Services

We trade in forex, crypto, real assets, bonds, and equities. Investors funds goes into trading for a certain period of time and profit is generated weekly.

Investment Philosophy

Company strategy is constantly evolving as markets and environments change. Without a clear corporate vision, and excellent leadership to realise that vision, it’s almost impossible to generate long-term value. Our analysts spend time with the leadership team and also attend key shareholder meetings.

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Investment Capability

We manage a range of liquidity assets for a broad range of institutional clients. These investors include corporates, banks, local authorities, and pension funds. Buxine Assets offer a selection of liquidity solutions capable of meeting your needs, whether they are capital preservation, daily dealing liquidity or enhanced yield.

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Investment Principle

Sterlingbloomberg believes that it can be managed and mitigated to ensure that clients are treated fairly and their interests put at the forefront of how Sterlingbloomberg operates. An inclusive and uniting culture will be central to delivering our vision of being a world class investment company.

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Investment Spectrum

Cryptocurrency Trading

With an ever-growing selection of cryptocurrencies added to the platform, Buxine Assets presents many options for those who wish to trade and invest in the crypto market.


Our economic infrastructure investment philosophy centres on our belief that infrastructure is a long-term asset class capable of delivering attractive, consistent returns.

Active Equity

Global insight Sterlingbloomberg management has a strong history of managing equity portfolios across multiple market cycles. We now manage more than £120.2bn/$150.4bn* in client equity mandates.

Quantitative Investment

We believe that persistent inefficiencies in capital markets present opportunities for risk-adjusted return. At Buxine Assets we look to harness this potential through our global quantitative investment capability.


Forex trading is the act of buying one currency while simultaneously selling another currency, with the aim of profiting from the changes in the values of these two currencies over time.

Trading Plan



  • Minimum deposit : $10
  • Maximum deposit : $999
  • REFERRAL: 5%



  • Minimum deposit : $1,000
  • Maximum deposit : $4,999
  • REFERRAL: 5%



  • Minimum deposit : $2,000
  • Maximum deposit : $5,000
  • REFERRAL: 5%



  • Minimum deposit : $10,000
  • Maximum deposit : Unlimited

How To Join

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Signup by simply filling and submitting the form.

Buy a share package/plan

Choose the most suitable share pack/plan for you with no membership fees or hidden cost! What are you waiting for ? Let us help you grow your financial portfolio!

Let us trade for you

Sterlingbloomberg will trade with your investment(shares) in the financial market with a globally competitive rate and AI tools and at maximum efficiency, ensuring that you receive the most competitive rewards.

Earn crypto and build your future

We distribute trading rewards/profit as well as referral bonuses on a regular basis. Check/track your trading potential based on your investment package/shares.

Company Certificate

Industry Knowledge

Sterlingbloomberg has deep knowledge of the industries in which it invests. In the course of executing investments and operating portfolio companies,Sterlingbloomberg has developed a team of investment professionals with significant sector-specific expertise and relationships with leading companies, institutions and individuals worldwide.

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Sterlingbloomberg has been an investment manager since 2012 and offers investors a broad range of investments as well as individual investment solutions. Many years of experience make us a strong partner for your investment. We offer our investors a very broad spectrum in terms of types of use and risk classes.

In addition to office buildings, retail properties, logistics facilities, and residential complexes, we are also into Mining hardware sales, Agriculture, Stock market, Forex trading etc, Some types of use have the advantage of offering higher returns, but they also require a Superb know-how. Experties, Market Analysts, and we have made such individuals available working as a team.

our individual investment recommendations are always characterised by the question of the greatest added value for our investors.

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